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About Blob Tank Wars


  • For those of you who like the 2 player game genre, on our website we have now added a new and exciting game of this genre for you to enjoy: Blob Tank Wars, take control of the vehicle. Increase your mighty and declare war on your opponents.
    You can fight your opponents with tanks that shoot colored balloons created from hot air balloons with your friends in five-game chapters
    Tiny Blues vs Mini Reds. 
    You can play “2 Player” mode with your friends or “Survival” mode against the AI in the game.
  • Features:
    Colorful 2D graphics.
    Solo and 2-player game mode options.
    Competitive gameplay.
    Intuitive controls.
  • Tips: Get into your tank and head to the battlefield. When the game starts, you and your enemy will be located at your own sides. Between, there are trees that act as obstacles. You should try to time your shot carefully, as your aim constantly changes.
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How to play

  • To fire your cannon, press the D key. At the top of the screen, you can see the score. Hitting your enemy will give you a point, and whoever gets 5 points first wins the game.
  • This game offers both solo and 2 player modes. If you are tired of fighting the computer, make friends and share your keyboard to play with them. Sometimes, you'll see different powerups. Shoot them to collect the

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