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About Drunken Duel 2


  • Welcome to Drunken Duel 2- the most loved free online game. There is a fierce struggle on the roof! You must defeat the opponent to survive! A tense fight broke out and a police helicopter appeared to solve it. But they were all driven out of control by alcohol. If you want, shoot it and throw it at your opponent! Whoever gets 5 points first wins the game. Come on, try to control the drunks and win the game! Drunken Duel 2 has 1 Player and 2 Player modes!
  • Drunken Duel 2 has 1 Player and 2 Player modes. You can choose a computer robot as your opponent. You will face five matches. You must be in each Score in the competition.
  • Featured:
    Dramatic fighting game.
    There are 2 game modes to choose from.
    Beautiful 2D graphics.
    Funny sounds.
    Suitable for all ages.
  • Tips:
    The path to victory is straightforward. First, use a continually revolving arm to aim at the opponent's head or heart, then click the mouse to shoot the opponent. Controlling an intoxicated person's aim is extremely tough.

How to play

Player 1: “W”
Player 2: “UP Arrow Key”

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