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About Mr Smith


  • Work your way through Mr Smith & His Adventures' interactive comic tales, where you get to choose how the adventure finishes. Whether you're smart or stupid, good or evil, sensible or insane, the choice is yours, and each result is unique! Is your phone more essential than your date? Which do you think you'll save: yourself or your cat? What is the name of France's capital? Yes, there are trivia quizzes in addition to the plot! Everyone enjoys a good puzzle!


  • Tips:
    - Whether you make clever or foolish decisions, are lovely or nasty, sensible or crazy, the choices are yours, and each conclusion is unique, this game is simple to pick and play!

    - You can also win points and rewards by answering quiz questions against the clock in timed quizzes!

    - Laugh at the effects of your maybe weird behaviors and decisions all the time (if you like to laugh, and who doesn't?).

    - Make sure you only play in appropriate contexts; for example, don't read at someone's funeral unless you truly despise them.

    - Amass a large number of achievements to demonstrate your brilliance, stupidity, and possibly insanity.

How to play

Your task is to shoot down all enemies on the game screen.
Use Mouse to aim and shoot.

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