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Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition

About Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition


  • Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition is a fun 2D platformer with a retro feel.
    If you want to see everything else the game has to offer, you'll need the first level, the game will walk you through the basics, showing you how to move, leap, shoot, and locate hidden treasure chests. After that, Pixel
  • Wizard quickly increases the difficulty by introducing a variety of opponents such as slimes, bats, ghosts, bullet eyes, and more.d to find all of the secrets. With basic click-to-shoot combat, secret places, and plenty of bullet dodge action, Ultimate Edition stays true to its beginnings. Progress through four worlds and more than 40 game modes. Battles that are difficult to win and hidden prizes. Once you've mastered the story, you can unlock 9 wizards and a faster-paced mode!
  • Featured
    9 wizards to unlock as you progress in this simple action-adventure game.
    There are four planets and more than 40 action levels in this game.
    To make things even more difficult in the end, there's a speedrunning mode.
    December 2014 (Android and iOS) and May 2021 (WebGL) are the release dates.
    intronic io is the creator of Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition.
  • Tips:
    Using the gold rings you've collected, you can head to town and purchase new clothing, health, and energy. You may even pay a visit to the pixelated intronic offices to meet the devs.
    You can play the speed run option for a tough test at the conclusion of the game once you've mastered the plot and learned to defeat all of the monsters. Speed run, hard speed run, and high-speed run are the three modes available.

How to play

Right = D, Right Arrow
Left = A, Left Arrow
Jump = W, Up Arrow
Shoot = Spacebar
Interaction = E

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