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About Soccer Legends 2021


  • The most popular online football game is Football Legends 2021. The Football Legends '2021 game edition kicks off an incredible football odyssey. Super game modes and super soccer players, including some of the world's most famous players, are included in the game.
  • There are two modes in which the game can be played: single-player and two-player. Quick Duel, Tournament, and Friends mode are the three game modes available. All of these modes are available in single-player and two-player formats. When the time for football matches is up, the team with the most goals wins. Every character will have a super shot ability, which will cool off after usage. Let's get this match started!
  • Featured:
    Enter soccer tournaments.
    Play with your pals.
    In 2v2 matches, team up with your pals.
    To beat your opponents, use superpowers.
  • Release date
    April 2021
  • Developers
    Soccer Legends 2021 is developed by MadPuffers.

How to play

  • Control 1 player
    Move: left and right arrow keys or AD
    Jump: up arrow key or W
    Slide: DOWN or SHOW arrow key
    Shoot: X or ERROR
    Supershot: Z or K
  • Control 2 players
    Player 1 move: AD
    Player 1 jump: W
    Player 1 slide: WILL
    Player 1 shot: KO
    Player 1 super shot: DRAW
    Player 2 moves: left and right arrow keys
    Player 2 jumps: up arrow key
    2 player slideshow: down arrow key
    Player 2 Shots: LOTS
    Player 2 super shot: K

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