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About Wheelie Cross


  • Wheelie Cross is a fun dirt bike wheel game in which you can unlock a variety of spectacular traditional and futuristic automobiles. How long can you keep a wheel spinning? What if you had to do that while jumping off the ramp and landing on your back wheel?
  • In this thrilling distance game, you must master your acceleration to create the world's longest wheel and travel as far as possible while collecting coins and setting points. It's impossible to beat high numbers.
  • Featured:
    Fun motorcycle control game.
    Real sound.
    Side-scrolling camera view.
    Great bikes.
    The full-screen mode was available.
    There are many challenges posed.
    Suitable for all ages.
  • Tips: While facing the obstacles along the road, try to maintain your equilibrium. As you earn cash and unlock different vehicles, such as a test bike, a unicorn ride, a real chopper, a cafe racer, a model steampunk, one for Fortnite fans, a shopping cart, a futuristic motorcycle, a scooter, an ATV, a vintage bike, or a superbike, try to make the longest wheel ever.
  • Developers
    Demonte Maximiliano.

How to play

Game controls: Mouse / Up Arrow

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